Adoption Policy

Please email us at prior to adoption events IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A SPECIFIC DOG(S) to make sure they are scheduled to be at the event.

We have an application process at the time of adoption. All adoptions take place at the adoption center at the time of meet and greet unless other arrangements have been made with an adoption coordinator or a foster to adopt trial has been approved.

You will need proof of address and your drivers license. You must be 21 yrs old to adopt. If you live in a relative's home, we must have presentable verification from the home owner that you are allowed to adopt.

Renters must show proof of pet restrictions whether it be weight, age or breed restrictions. We will not adopt a dog that is outside of these restrictions. Specifically, renters must have a copy of their lease with the pet addendum showing if there are any breed restrictions, weight and age limits and if you must have prior approval before adopting.

All family members and or residents of the home must attend the meet and greet.

We limit our adoptions to a 3 hour drive radius of Las Vegas, NV. Out of state adoptions are allowed as long as you are within the 3 hour radius.

If you have another dog in the home, you must bring your dog so that a proper introduction can be made prior to the adoption. Please let us know if you have any other animals in the home, such as cats, farm animals, or small animals like hamsters, etc.

We do reserve the right to schedule a home check prior to the adoption. We also reserve the right to deny an adoption for any reason if we do not feel the animal would be well suited to that home.

Meet and greets happen on a first come first serve basis, once requirements are met. We suggest arriving early to event to get your name on the interest list.

Adoption fees do apply. They range from $100 to $450 based on the age, breed and special needs of the dog.

Please email to inquire about adoption fee for a specific dog(s). Adoption Fees include spay/neuter/vaccinations /microchip and a $250 vet voucher. The dog will leave with a properly fitting collar and leash (which you may bring your own or purchase at the CAL Ranch store next door) and engraved ID tag (made on site). No exceptions.

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